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Absolute drumstick berdiri pada tahun 1998, tepatnya di kota Sukabumi-Indonesia.
Absolute dalam hal ini masih melakukan proses pembuatan stick drum dengan menggunakan tenaga manusia/handmade. Serta menggunakan bahan/kayu lokal/Indonesia dan import.

Dengan Kualitas Export Absolute Drum Stick telah merambah konsumen baik di dalam maupun di luar negeri.

Karya anak bangsa yang patut kita banggakan….
Dengan kualitas yang dapat bersaing dengan merk-merk ternama lainnya….

Two thumbs Up….

IMG_20140318_203643PhotoGrid_1416816858052wpid-img00050-20131122-0720PhotoGrid_1421823785108PhotoGrid_1421633316687PhotoGrid_1421155024532PhotoGrid_1419230954819PhotoGrid_1419172640972PhotoGrid_1419169834586PhotoGrid_1418199471808PhotoGrid_1418199252374PhotoGrid_1418198675127PhotoGrid_1417944570756PhotoGrid_1417926435590PhotoGrid_1417854339876PhotoGrid_1417671611355PhotoGrid_1417231395267PhotoGrid_1417231055103PhotoGrid_1417200651738PhotoGrid_1417200515575PhotoGrid_1417200361556PhotoGrid_1417045352792PhotoGrid_1416472854675PhotoGrid_1416452214993IMG_20140326_100310IMG_20140326_081739PhotoGrid_1421930836933PhotoGrid_1421993071946PhotoGrid_1422069293983PhotoGrid_1422071380127PhotoGrid_1422236637133Event Absolute

Untuk pemesanan Custom Stick Drum Hubungi :

Dbradah 085624096743 – 08987534885

PIN : 26310C5D


Inside BlackBerry

Hot off the presses, we’re excited to announce the latest update for BBM on Android & iPhone is rolling out this week, starting today. BBM now includes a new Find Friends feature that allows you to discover people you know that are also using BBM and invite them to your BBM contact list, from within the app.


The Find Friends feature will detect which contacts in your smartphone’s contact list are already using BBM, and allow you to quickly send them an invite to join your BBM contact list. For those contacts that don’t yet have BBM, you can invite them to download the app with an email or SMS invite.

We know how important it is for you to connect with your closest friends, family and colleagues. With this update, we’ve made it easier to find and invite them quickly and easily. You’re always in control of your contact…

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BlackBerry 10 Battery Tips

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Inside BlackBerry

Originally published on the Inside BlackBerry Help blog
Using a BlackBerry 10 smartphone? Here are some tips that can help you maximize your smartphone’s battery life!

Check for BlackBerry 10 OS Updates

Whenever a BlackBerry 10 OS update is released, make sure you install it on your smartphone so that you can take advantage of optimizations that can help improve your battery life.
Typically, you’ll receive a notification of an update, but to manually check for updates, open Settings, tap Software Updates, and then Check for Updates.


Whenever possible, we recommend you use Microsoft® ActiveSync®, or IMAP over POP, when you set up a new account because they are more efficient protocols for a mobile device. If you need assistance setting up a new account, use the Help app, review the User Guide located at, or contact your service provider for more information.


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Inside BlackBerry

Phew! I don’t know about the rest of you, but September flew by for us here at RIM ®. Between back-to-school and BlackBerry ® Jam Americas, I barely had time to breathe. I did, however, have a chance to catch up with our October BlackBerry Fan of the Month (FOTM), and I am very excited to hand the crown over to yet another treasured member of #TeamBlackBerry.

Our October FOTM is a true BlackBerry ® wiz – he was proud to tell me that he reads BlackBerry Knowledge Base articles in his spare time! He’s active on our BlackBerry Twitter®, Facebook® and Google+ pages, and eager to help other members of #TeamBlackBerry with their BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry ® PlayBook ™ tablets. One solution at a time, this “BlackBerry King” is truly is making the world a better place for BlackBerry users far and wide. So without further ado…

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Kali ini saya mau kasih info nih tentang browser di android, kalian tahu kan browser di windows yg paling populer yah google chrome… nah sekarang tersedia untuk android Arm6, sekarang anda bisa merasakan browser favorit anda di windows dan di android berikut repiewnya :D cekidott :)
LinK-nya disni :

Posted: Agustus 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Posted: Agustus 16, 2012 in Uncategorized